(I turned around and nearly broke my neck looking up. There he was 6 feet and 10 inches tall with a gun on his hip and a big smile. Jesus this day just keeps getting better)

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Brisbane is a really cool city offering great weather when the rest of the country is cold but Australia has become so expensive so here are some things you can do for free to entertain yourself when there.

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Galveston, Texas USA

Galveston is home to six historic districts with over 60 structures listed representing architectural significance in the National Register of Historic Places.


Hidden Howth – Co. Dublin

Howth is a village on the peninsula of north county Dublin just 15 kms from Dublin city centre and connects to the city by road, dart (light rail) and bus.


Barcelona the secret places locals eat drink and shop

where to go? what to do and locals suggested the restaurants.


Bad Hofgastein Austria’s Secret Skiing resort

With its great hospitality and hot springs that lie under ground Bad Hofgastein is both a summer and winter destination. Hill walkers flock in summer and skiers in winter. As Bad Hofgastein is not the highest resort in the region …


Oakhurst, Atlanta’s secret Village

Oakhurst is one of my favourite hangouts in lets say Atlanta but its actually Decatur.


Atlanta through the eyes of a local.

Atlanta’s public transport system is called MARTA You purchase a BREEZE card and you can do that at any machine or a ticket counter.  Fares cost $3 e/w