Tip 4. You don’t have to be fluent but learn a few phrases before going anywhere that the native language is not yours. ESPECIALLY FRANCE.

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Paris AKA the city of light, is the most popular city destination in Europe. I have so many friends who return from Paris and the first thing they say is “it’s so expensive” and while that can be true if you …

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The drive into St Helena in Napa Valley California is enough to take your breath away. Tree’s line the streets and you cant help but smile when you drive in and have the idea that in this little heaven of the perfect American town good things are possible.

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I said I have 10 reasons you should visit Salzburg and actually I probably have 50. From music to sightseeing, to restaurants to value to drinking to shopping this stunning city has it all and if that’s not enough its proximity and location in the middle of Europe makes it one of the easiest places to get to anywhere from.

finding my way in San Jose as a newbee

San Jose is approximately 50 mins from San Francisco city that is. 1 hour to the Golden Gate Bridge and its an easy drive. You can take as most commuters do CALTRAIN which is an amazing service and very reasonable


From 1st Class to the back seat of a cop car Ireland to America

(I turned around and nearly broke my neck looking up. There he was 6 feet and 10 inches tall with a gun on his hip and a big smile. Jesus this day just keeps getting better)


Brisbane for FREE

Brisbane is a really cool city offering great weather when the rest of the country is cold but Australia has become so expensive so here are some things you can do for free to entertain yourself when there.


Galveston, Texas USA

Galveston is home to six historic districts with over 60 structures listed representing architectural significance in the National Register of Historic Places.