Athens Ga is one of the coolest towns in Georgia hands down. Hipster shops, cool bars and a great music scene, Home to many great bands B-52s & R.E.M

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Beautiful beaches and the ferry to France & Wales there is an abundance of things to do in Wexford.

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Being Irish most people would expect me to say that the best place to be on St. Patricks day is Ireland. This is actually the opposite to my opinion and before you get your knickers in a twist that’s all it is.

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“people are boring, they live dull lives. follow the rules, do what they are told.  Why? we will all be dead in 50 years.  Well you might not.  laugh, Nothing matters really.  all this crap we kill ourselves on.  How …

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Reasons Finland is a must sea

Situated on the North Western Frontier of Europe, at the heart of the Scandinavian Peninsula lies the proud state of Finland.


notes on Paris from a local

I’ve been to Paris so many times and have a few blog posts on it with lots of tips including restaurants Parisians frequent where you get great food and not the outlandish tourist prices. This is always my goal. This newest one is for my cousin Sarah Bergin, embarking on a trip in April. I’ve never mentioned these little tit bits before. Its so easy to forget the habitual things you do when you go to a city. A recent visit refreshed my memory. This one’s for you Sarah, I cannot wait to hear how you like Paris


11 things Parisians dont want you to know about PARIS

Tip 4. You don’t have to be fluent but learn a few phrases before going anywhere that the native language is not yours. ESPECIALLY FRANCE.


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Paris

Paris AKA the city of light, is the most popular city destination in Europe. I have so many friends who return from Paris and the first thing they say is “it’s so expensive” and while that can be true if you …


Why visit St Helena Napa Valley California

The drive into St Helena in Napa Valley California is enough to take your breath away. Tree’s line the streets and you cant help but smile when you drive in and have the idea that in this little heaven of the perfect American town good things are possible.


10 reasons you should visit Salzburg

I said I have 10 reasons you should visit Salzburg and actually I probably have 50. From music to sightseeing, to restaurants to value to drinking to shopping this stunning city has it all and if that’s not enough its proximity and location in the middle of Europe makes it one of the easiest places to get to anywhere from.