“Tell them your American they advised me in Montenegro” What really? normally its not a good thing to tell anyone in Europe but as the USA funded Albania in the war against Kosovo they seemingly love the Americans, so lets see shall we, today I shall use my American passport if stopped anywhere.

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Are you coming to Ireland this weekend??? If so prepare yourself for bus strikes in Ireland.

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The owner of the restaurant is as mad as a hatter and runs around the restaurant that she opens whenever she feels like, shouting in Croatian and breaking into a mad cackle of laughter when she thinks she is being funny.

Sailing Croatia Day 3 & 4


You could take photos of this place all day long. The views are spectacular, each moment is picture perfect. Sailing from Osor to Susak takes approximately :) give or take the wind or how much of a hurry you’re in. We are at the beginning of a month in the Adriatic,


Day 1 Sailing Croatia Opatija – Cres


Day 1 Sailing Croatia has finally arrived. Our captain did many years ago in Croatia then Yugoslavia and he would like to see the changes in his country.


Sailing Croatia dreams come true


We are at the beginning of a month in the Adriatic, Cwe have a schedule but we are in no hurry. The sun the moon and the wind are our new leaders, and of course if you’re on a budget were to moor.


Why We Love Cres Croatia


Cres Croatia is 2.33 hours from Rijeka and 2.45 hours from Pula by road or 8 hours of glorious sailing in the bluest of waters the Adriatic has to offer, faster if there is more wind :)


Getting around Croatia


Getting around Croatia can seem daunting yet when you arrive it is very simple.  There are no trains, so rely on buses, the service is good and cheap. public transport no trains in the south so you must use the …


Reasons to love Athens GA


Athens Ga is one of the coolest towns in Georgia hands down. Hipster shops, cool bars and a great music scene, Home to many great bands B-52s & R.E.M